Posted on September 4, 2022September 4, 2022

Evolution Digital Marketing

The term Digital Marketing was first used in the 1990s. The digital age took off with the coming of the internet and the development of the Web 1.0 platform. The Web 1.0 platform allowed users to find the information they wanted but did not allow them to share this information over the web. Up until then, marketers worldwide were still unsure of the digital platform. They were not sure if their strategies would work since the internet had not yet … Continue reading “Evolution Digital Marketing”

Posted on September 4, 2022September 4, 2022

5 Digital Marketing Tips for Construction Companies

Digital marketing enables construction companies to create brands that help them expand their customer base. Unlike traditional marketing methods like billboards, digital advertising promotes two-way communication, allowing these builders to engage with their customer base actively. Investing in digital marketing enables construction companies to broaden their audience reach while ensuring consistent traffic flow to their websites, resulting in new leads and conversions. With digital marketing, building companies can now analyze online customer data, enabling marketers to gain valuable customer insights which … Continue reading “5 Digital Marketing Tips for Construction Companies”

Posted on December 31, 2021September 4, 2022

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing agencies usually prefer animated, interactive, and also informative websites to show their abilities and what they are capable of to potential clients. Apart from its great appearance, a digital agency website needs to be fully accessible and mobile-friendly.