The Best Marathons to Run in the World

If you’re looking for a good (great!) excuse for a vacation, sign up for a marathon. [RELATED1] These days, there are 26.2-mile races in pretty much every city in the country—and beyond. To help you narrow down the options, we selected these three postcard-perfect marathons worth signing up for. Once you register, check out 6 things you […]

Writing on the Wall: What Our DNA Might Be Telling Us About Our Lifespan

Have you heard about your telomeres? Scientific research has been piling up to show that these little protein structures capping the ends of our DNA are the keys to lifelong health and well-being. Telomeres protect our DNA strands, help them maintain their structure, and keep them from breaking down. As cells divide to replicate, the […]

Me Time – 3 Tips on Prioritizing Yourself

Besides passing out each night from exhaustion, how much “me time” do you get each day? Our guess, not much. Between work, school, family, social lives and the everyday ‘hustle and bustle’, there’s just no time, right? Wrong! It’s time we stop running ourselves ragged and start putting ourselves first. Carving out some “me time” […]

Want beach-ready abs this summer? These are the exercises you need.

Summer is on the way and everyone wants to get that chiseled beach body, which of coures, includes a flat stomach and defined abs. A lot of people (wrongly) assume that to achieve a great stomach they have to do thousands upon thousands of situps. The truth is that’s only part of the equation. Having […]