5 Multifaceted Tactics To Boost Your B2B Marketing Clarity & Commitment This Summer

A diamond aside a laptop image.

How is successful B2B marketing like a master jeweler working with diamonds of the digital marketing variety?

Diamonds are forever, as the 1971 James Bond film and its title song made famous, and with the archival global power of the web, your B2B marketing efforts are also likely to endure — so why not strive to make them truly memorable?

Also like diamonds, B2B marketing is a multifaceted endeavor.

Let’s explore five enduring tactics that can help you achieve B2B content marketing clarity and create your own digital marketing diamonds.

1 — Achieve Content Marketing Clarity


Bring diamond-like clarity to your B2B content marketing by identifying and focusing on the heart of your effort’s primary goal.

While it can be tempting to digress into periphery elements of the topic at hand, honing in on the purpose of your content and delivering a clear answer in providing it will make your marketing creations shine with diamond-like brilliance.

Part of providing content marketing clarity is knowing what your audience is hoping to learn from what you’ve got on tap, and this type of knowledge can come from a number of places.

One of the best sources for finding the root topics that your audience is seeking information about are the tools and services that show the questions people are asking online.

Some of the question research tools that B2B marketers can benefit from include:

  • Answer the Public
  • StoryBase
  • SEMrush’s Topic Research Competitive Research Tool
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Search Console
  • KeywordTool.io
  • BuzzSumo’s Question Analyzer

Other often-untapped resources for finding out what your audience is looking for include:

  • Asking Directly with Polls, Surveys, Focus Groups & Questionnaires
  • Tapping Into Search Intent From Voice Search & Chatbots
  • Online Form Queries, Server Log Files, & E-mail Questions

You can learn more about each of these tools and tactics in my “10 Smart Question Research Tools for B2B Marketers,” and also dig in to other relevant questions in the following helpful articles:

Clarity in B2B content marketing can help deliver a diamond rating to your efforts, so take the time to research and fully understand what you’re trying to achieve with any written, visual, or audio marketing efforts.

“Honing in on the purpose of your content and delivering a clear answer in providing it will make your marketing creations shine with diamond-like brilliance.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis Click To Tweet

2 — Get a Cut Above With a Marathon of Commitment


In today’s B2B marketing world it takes more than a little commitment to get a cut above when it comes to crafting the best digital diamonds of content.

B2B marketing’s lengthier sales cycles mean you’ll need dedication and commitment to achieve the type of long-term success that powers businesses outside of the B2C realm.

You don’t necessarily need to be Batman or Robin to craft compelling and memorable B2B content, however you will need commitment.

B2B marketing is more akin to a marathon than a sprint, and I’ve explored the similarities between marathon running and marketing in “26.2 B2B Marathon Marketing Lessons,” along with the importance of proper pacing when you’re in it for the long marketing haul, in “5 Payoffs B2B Marketers Win From Precision Pacing.”

“B2B marketing’s lengthier sales cycles mean you’ll need dedication and commitment to achieve the type of long-term success that powers businesses outside of the B2C realm.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis Click To Tweet

3 — Finding Hidden Gems Can Sometimes Be Key


Not all that glitters is gold, yet what’s hidden out of sight just below the surface are often gems that can digitally bejewel your B2B marketing content, if you know where and when to look.

Although no handy treasure maps are on offer, B2B marketers can use a number of tactics to unearth the hidden gems that will set your content apart.

Doing your own research and investigation can often be the best way to go beyond what everybody else is doing, allowing you to go far beyond the same few tactics and techniques that are often repeated in perpetuity in all-too-similar how-to guides and lists.

Creating original B2B research that’s both credible and impactful is the focus of our CEO Lee Odden‘s insightful “How to Optimize Original B2B Research Content For Credibility and Impact.”

“Brands that co-create experiential content with relevant experts and influencers can build industry confidence, grow brand trust, create a more effective digital customer experience and drive business growth.” — Lee Odden @LeeOdden Click To Tweet

4 — Making The Hardest Substance Into a Softer Journey


Diamonds are famously and unyieldingly inflexible, but that doesn’t mean that the marketing journey you offer your audience can’t be a pleasant one.

Some B2B industries may have notoriously friction-riddled obstacles, and smart marketers will turn these challenges into opportunities.

By helping audiences smoothly navigate around troublesome hot-spots, the best B2B content marketing offers the kind of smooth sailing that competitors can’t easily match.

Easing the B2B customer journey is key in 2021 and will most likely become even more critical in 2022, as increasing competition and an influx of more B2C-like tactics mean you’ll need to serve up diamonds and not just more disposable digital dust.

These resources offer fresh takes on the B2B audience journey and using storytelling to smooth the way:

“Brands want to transact with people who are showing high levels of empathy.” — Miri Rodriguez @MiriRod #B2BMX Click To Tweet

5 — Keep a Watch Out For Imposters In The Search For Authenticity


If it appears too good to be true, it’s wise to be wary and take extra measures to make sure the information and answers you’re providing are genuinely helpful and contain the latest accurate information.

Authenticity in B2B marketing is a subject close to our heart at TopRank Marketing, and as such we’ve developed several approaches marketers can take to achieving the most genuine and human connections.

A selection of some of our recent efforts highlighting the importance of authenticity in B2B marketing include:

“Part of the benefit of working with influencers is that they have a different lens on what’s happening in the world and what’s happening with your company.” — Paul Dobson @svengelsk Click To Tweet

Digital Marketing Diamonds Last Forever & A Day


We hope that these five tips for achieving B2B content marketing clarity by getting a cut above with commitment, finding hidden gems, making a softer audience journey, and keeping watch for imposters, will help as you create your own digital marketing diamonds.

Creating award-winning digital experiences and storytelling takes significant time, resources, and effort, which is why many of the world’s top B2B brands choose to partner with a leading B2B marketing agency. Contact us today and learn why for more than 20 years brands from LinkedIn and 3M to Dell and Adobe have chosen to work with TopRank Marketing.

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5 Incredible Digital Marketing Tactics for Online Startups

Here are some of the factors that you should consider when setting up the marketing strategy:

Target audience;
Social integration;
Online environment;
Follow-up marketing;
Content offerings;
Conversion and CTAs;
Differentiators; and

Setting an effective digital marketing strategy is essential before you even think about the money that you should spend.

Benefits of crafting an effective digital marketing strategy
Today, digital growth demands for multiple-channel marketing campaigns. Having a clear marketing strategy helps you get an idea of how your multiple marketing channels relate with each other. Using the right strategy will ensure that everything is running smoothly whether it’s paid digital ads or content marketing.

A good marketing strategy is crucial when it comes to determining the amount that you should spend for your marketing campaigns. It allows you to determine how to allocate budgets and milestone costs.

An effective digital marketing strategy will help you identify where your prospective customers are located and how you can reach them. Different audiences require a certain strategy to engage them. For example, you may consider using social media campaign for a certain audience, while others might be more likely to engage with compelling PPC campaign.

I understand that different digital marketing strategists and agencies use their own proven marketing strategy. Below I have outlined the 5 tactics that will help you craft an outstanding marketing strategy process.

I have used these tactics to understand my customer needs and identify effective tactics that I often use to create successful marketing campaigns for their businesses.

1. Project Kick Off
As a professional digital marketer, I understand that identifying objectives and goals is the first step to a successful marketing campaign. Learning about a few facts regarding my clients helps me create a cohesive project timeline, as well as project brief.

The initial phase is critical whether you’re dealing with a new brand that is looking for the best place to start or an existing company that is looking for effective ways to maintain and improve their client base.

Please note that your kick off will help you have a clear understanding of the overall project.

2. Market Research & Analysis
Carrying out research and analysis is essential in order to determine the cultural and market trends that are linked to the brand and the customers. At this stage, you should typically audit the industry and evaluate its characteristics and landscape.

By doing this, you will easily determine your target audience and have a clear understanding of what they want. In addition, it helps you come up with a strategic process that reveals what your clients actually need from your company or brand.

3. Engagement phase
The third stage is the engagement process. At this period, you should determine how you can best interact, engage, connect, and communicate with the right audience at the right time, using the best tactics.

I often take advantage of key performance indicators which show me whether the company will get more customers when I implement certain tactics. Yes, I can easily do this because, at this point, I have gained a thorough understanding of the industry and objectives.

I write compelling content that is dedicated and tailored to address specific audience needs during the engagement phase.

4. Effective Concept Development
Now, we proceed to the effective concept development stage, after laying a proper foundation in the initial stages. Go ahead and develop campaign creatives for your digital marketing project.

Individual needs of your clients, the ultimate goals of your brand, as well as each and every piece of creative, come first. This way, you can easily execute effective tactics that serve your customers’ purpose and needs.

5. Execution Plan
It is advisable that you create an effective action plan for executing your ideas during this stage. Refresh an effective strategy when dealing with both new and existing brands.

You should present a timeline for the execution of all initiatives, develop effective media plans and make recommendations for budget allocation.

Implementing effective marketing tactics for your business
Your business needs an effective marketing strategy in order to thrive online. Failure to that, you will face rampant competition from your competitors. There is a good chance that your business will succeed and dominate your industry online if you have put in place a well-thought-out marketing strategy to meet your company’s objectives and goals.

Source by Joseph Ouko

Google Traffic Research Tactics in Affiliate Marketing

We all know that commenting, and especially the writing of eBooks and Articles are among the absolute favourites among successful affiliate marketers with no exception to Blogging. Driving visitors is one thing, but getting those visitors to actually convert is quite another exercise all together.

Problem is that many newbies are commenting and publishing on sites and with publishers that aren’t even indexed in Google yet. This completely defeats the purpose in its entirety, simply because the chances of actually getting visitors from such efforts is exceptionally little to none at best.

Now the best part is that Google already provide you with all the tools you need at absolutely no cost, in fact most tools used by professionals are free tools. You simply have to look in the right places, but that is also the reason most newbies find it difficult. It is not the tactics behind the method of making money online that is all that difficult, but more the time consuming factor that renders it an exercise less sought after.

The Page Rank Checking Tool – This is where you use the Google Page Rank Checker to ensure that sites are in fact indexed and even ranking in Google. But you need to apply a few simple rules.

When you enter a Domain into the page rank checker, you want to focus on the Primary Domain only and disregard anything after that. Now a Primary Domain will end in (.com) (.info) (.org) (.net) (.co.za) to name but a few examples, but you should pick up on the simplicity. Anything with a forward slash (/) after the primary domain must not be entered into the Google Page rank Checker, and preferably no Non S.E.O Friendly characters like (?_!*%&). S.E.O Friendly characters are only numbers, letters and any character entered without the use of the Shift button on your keyboard.

You may also notice that some URLs will start with (https) as opposed to the normal (http), and in such cases I would strongly advise in removing the (S). Failing to do so will result in an inaccurate search result and you may just be losing out on a high ranking site.

Even a 0/10 result from a possible 10 is clear indication that the site is indexed in Google. Now, do not make the mistake of underestimating sites with a 0/10 result, as I have come across some of these sites that has Millions of monthly visitors per month.

We will take a look at how to establish that with the second tool later in the article. You will have various kinds of results and after opening the Google Page Rank Checking Tool. Now, simply enter the URL you wish to analyse into the window provided and click on search. Next you will simply fill out the caption and proceed to search the URL of your choice. When you have the search result returning with a score indicating (N/A) that is a clear indication that the site is in fact Not Indexed in Google. These are the kind of sites that may just result in you wasting your time commenting on and publishing with.

You may also end up with a result page indicating the (N/A) result as discussed above, but with a big red colored block along with the result. You want to steer clear of these kind of sites especially, because back-links from such sites will do much more harm than good to your own site’s Google Rating. These kind of back-links may even result in your site being flagged as unsafe by Google, and that means Months of Hard Work down the drain.

How To Know How Much Traffic A Site Gets – This too is done by using a free tool called Similar Web, where you also enter the URL you wish to check. Only with this tool you need not concern with the (https) and (http) sections of the URL, but do still focus on only the Primary Domain URL.

Similar Web Tool. Now simply enter the URL and click on “Start”, and the Similar Web Tool will do the rest. You will have ranking results and category ranking analytics but may find in some cases that there are no results available for a particular site yet.

But don’t just disregard such sites, it only means that the site is fairly new and not necessarily a danger as a back-link to your own site. You must however ensure that the site is in fact indexed in Google with the first tool presented and discussed in this article.

Two simple, but exceptionally effective tools to leverage more appropriate visitors which will result in better conversion and even sales. Now the “Trick” to getting those converting visitors, apart from using these two tools is to ensure your targeting is done right. Target the right audience by means of your keyword research. Keyword Research can be done with another free tool Google gives you to work with called the Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword Planner Tool allows you to search the three most important keyword categories namely;

Short tail Keywords – These are normally single words, and are also the kind of keywords you want present in places like your site Domain Name and Site Title. This makes it easier for Google to know what your site is about and it helps with your ranking within a specific Niche.

Long Tail Keywords – These are normally no more than 2 – 3 keywords combined in a phrase. Short tail keywords may be something like “Internet”, “Online” and “Marketing” where the Long Tail Keyword can be something like “Online Marketing”. Long Tail Keywords are the ones you may want to include in things like a site H1 and/or H2 heading, and especially in Blog Post Titles.

Anchor Text – Now to best illustrate anchor text, it’s the kind of phrase someone within your niche may enter into their browser for a specific search. As illustration, let’s go with something like “How to Work from Home”. This means the person searching is looking for something specific, they are interested in working from home. This is also what professionals call, buyer traffic. When such a search result lead that visitor to your site, and you have a proven program that will interest them they will be most likely to purchase from you. Anchor Text are the kind of search phrase you want to use in populating the content of your Article and/or Blog Post.

That brings us to the conclusion of some great tools to use in actually making money online. But, do spend time and learn how to use these tools correctly, because they are tools. It’s a proven fact that any tool only works as good as the person using it, so invest the extra effort and research properly.

Source by Deon Christie

5 Tactics To Make Your Affiliate Marketing Business Tick

An online affiliate marketing business can be very profitable. You earn a commission for each item that you sell online. You don’t have to create a product, sort out payment systems or organize the product delivery.

Your job is to send potential customers to a webpage that is selling a product which has been created by somebody else. The product creator will pay you a commission every time someone buys through your affiliate link.

Here are 5 tactics that will help to boost your affiliate marketing business.

1. Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a webpage that only has one purpose and that is to capture a prospect’s email address. You want to build an email list of prospects because once you have someone’s email, you can contact them whenever you want with a product offer. A squeeze page should provide specific information that a visitor was looking for and offer something of value in exchange for an email address.

2. Marketing Collateral

Many affiliate programs do a great job of providing their affiliates with free affiliate marketing collateral. These usually include banner ads, email copy, website articles and free promotional reports. Use these materials. They’ve probably been tested and developed for results. That being said, be sure to create your own too. Even as an affiliate you are your own company and your website needs to reflect your personality and brand. This will result in your audience clicking on your affiliate links and making purchases.

3. Keywords

A good affiliate marketer knows their market and sooner or later you’ll want to do some keyword research. A superior affiliate program may have these listed for you to help make your job easier, but you can find words and phrases other affiliates aren’t using to get rankings in the search engines. There are programs available that offer keyword searching services. These work nicely to give you a good idea of which keywords are being used way too much, or very little, and how you might want to make adjustments to give yourself more search engine visibility.

4. Graphics

Graphics and images excite and compel your audience to click on them. This means that graphics and images are needed but professional graphics can be expensive. However there are many free open source graphic programs. These programs are very user-friendly and enable you to generate images that can include banners and buttons, icons and everything else you might need to build the look and feel that is right for your website, squeeze page, emails, advertisements or blog posts.

5. Social Media

Social media allows your affiliate marketing business to connect and interact with your target audience. While your objective is to make money from your affiliate marketing business, developing a relationship with your readers is important. Get to know what topics need addressing and you can offer solutions and products to your social media followers.

Source by Jon Allo