🔥 Clickbank For Beginners – $1,000 Per Day Tutorial ( No Website Needed)🔥

Welcome to this brand new training, video coming back to you from clickbank success channel the title of this video is clickbank for beginners, so the title says everything i am going to teach you step by step.

Hold you by hand and show you as a clickbank beginner. How you could create a successful internet, clickbank business from scratch and start earning anywhere from hundred dollars to one thousand dollars a day online and in fact, i’m, going to show you the method that all most of the gurus are using.

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com, okay, and you will able to click this red subscribe button from my youtube channel. So you get all my future updates. Don’t forget to click the notification bell as well. Okay, so let’s dive into this as a clickbank beginner.

How can you create a successful clickbank business that will make you multiple five and six figures online, so i’m gonna walk you through step by step. Now, if you don’t know what clickbank is. Clickbank is a digital marketplace that has over 14 000 products you sign up for with them.

Your registration is free and they pay you every two weeks and once you have signed up, you just go to the clipboard marketplace: choose a product and start promoting every time. You generate a sale, they’re gonna make it send you some commissions.

Okay, the good part about clickbank is that it doesn’t require you to have any kind of website, any kind of blog, any kind of ex prior experience. You do need a bit of experience, of course, but obviously you don’t need a website.

You don’t need a blog. You just go out there, get your affiliate link and start promoting. Your clickbank offers all right. Now. Some countries are not listed if that’s the case, then you might want to create an account with another affiliate network called dgstore24.

com, okay, and if the your country is not listed there as well, then i am really sorry. You’ll. Just have to find an alternative way to promote affiliate offers on the uh internet, because there are so many other affiliate marketplaces as well, like jvzoo, warrior plus or you might want to join those networks.

Okay, so let’s just dive into this. Once you have your clickbank account just head over to clickbank.com. If you don’t, have a clickbank free account, just register your free account and once you get your free account, come to the clickbank marketplace and down here you’re, going to choose a clickbank product.

Okay, so there’s, so many categories down here i normally choose e-business e-marketing. My business is all about how to teach people how to make money online, how to create a successful internet business.

So i’m, going to go to ebsc emarketing and now i’m gonna choose a product. Now i could sort these products out by popularity. I could also sort it out by gravity okay, so i’m gonna sort it out by gravity.

Basically, gravity means that how many successful affiliates have been getting paid and made money from this uh flame marketplace? Okay, so i could see that the highest product is this one down here now, normally what people do as a newbie, if someone is just getting started with clickbank and he’s, a clickbank, beginner, okay, then what he will do is he will just Create the click on his promote button.

Okay, he will get his affiliate link. He will copy this link. Okay and now he will be totally confused lost. He doesn’t know what to do with this. Okay. Now, if you want to make money, you need to start driving some traffic okay.

Now, because this video title is called clickbank for beginners, so i guess you perhaps don’t know what traffic means. Okay, because when i got started online, i didn’t know what traffic meant as well.

It took me so much time to figure out what what do you mean by traffic? Okay, if you have a beautiful website, but no one is visiting your website. You can’t, make any sales right that’s, just that’s.

What you call traffic traffic means a visitor to your website, all right in this case to the vendors website. So you’re gonna be promoting any of these offers. It’s, not your website. This website is owned by someone else.

You’re, just promoting it for them, and you’re, bringing in traffic. That means a visitor to their website. Once someone makes a purchase through your link, okay, which is going to be your affiliate link.

You make a commission and you will get to see that commission on your clickbank home page dashboard, okay, so so that’s. What traffic is you need to get traffic now? Most people fail because they don’t know how to drive traffic, and i am going to share a traffic source in this video as well.

At the end of this video so make sure you watch this video right to the end without skipping anything, because if you skip anything, you’re gonna get confused and you’re gonna get totally you just. You won’t able to figure things out okay.

So if you watch this video right to the end, you will have a great mindset and a great opportunity to launch your own affiliate, clickbank business starting today. That will pay you for months and years to come.

Okay, because this is a clickbank for beginners video. I’m holding you by hands and i want to teach you how this clickbank affiliate business works. Okay, so when you click the promote button, you have to drive traffic to this page now.

Normally, when people do know how to drive traffic, they will stop blasting their links all over the web, which is the which is very very wrong, and this is not the way to approach a business. This is the reason why all the top website blocks affiliate links because people start spamming everyone.

This is not the way you do business. Okay. So how do you do business that you could get paid for a long run? Okay, what we’re going to do is first, we’re, going to choose a product. Now i don’t want to go into too much details on how to choose a product which is the best product to promote, because because, in my youtube channel i have already uploaded that video okay, you could come here there’s.

A video down here where it says best, clipboard products to promote in 2020 for free. You could come here and i go into details on how to choose the right product. Okay, even in my part, series video.

If you come to the part series video three where it says clickbank for beginners training, i go through the marketplace tutorial and you could go through that. Where i go into very much details on what type of product you’re supposed to be promoting and what to choose okay, so i’m, not going to go into too much details for that.

I’m just going to go, get into the meat and potatoes quickly as possible, all right. So now what we’re going to do. Is we’re, going to create a page around this product? Okay, so it could be any product you’re, going to promote.

We’re, going to create a page. It’s called the landing page all right. It looks like this. This is what you call a landing page. Okay, we’re, going to drive traffic to a page like this. Okay, and we’re gonna build a list of customers, people who are interested in our niche, which is make money online.

What we’re doing, basically, is we’re building customer lists, so we could communicate with these customers. We could help them, we could provide them with value and, at the same time we could promote different offers to these people.

This is called the list building method. All right now. To do this, you will need four things number one. You need a landing page builder number two. You will need a autoresponder number three. You will need a tracking software and number four.

Obviously you need traffic and i’m gonna go into every detail on what to do and how to do it. So, first of all, you will need a landing page builder. Now you could build it on this page yourself. If you know how to do html, if you have technical skills, if you don’t know how to do this, nothing to worry about.

You could go and hire someone to do this for you, okay on other websites like uh, fiverr.com, guru.com, etc. All right, but in my case i’m, just going to teach you what i do in my business. Okay, because i’m, a firm believer in doing the walk.

The walk, not just talk the talk. Okay, so i will do it myself and that’s, what i teach to my customers, so i’m gonna i’ll. I’m gonna show you the software, the tool that i use in my business okay, to build, build these high, converting landing pages that allows me to track my leads and also track my stats to see which landing page is converting the best.

Okay, so to build this landing page, i use a software called click funnels. Okay, now click funnels comes with a free 14-day trial after the 14-day there’s, a 97 dollars per month. Okay, now, if you not a big fan in paying any monthly income or monthly subscription, i mean all right, then you could join another software called boss, finance.

Okay, they don’t, have no monthly fee. It’s, a very, very cheap tool and a software to build high converting landing pages for your business. Okay. Now the link to this software boss funnel is going to be in the description box below this video.

Now, if you’re watching one of my videos on a desktop, it’s, very simple, very easy, just hello! Just where you’re watching this youtube, video just scroll down and you’re, going to see a description box and you’re, going to find all the links there.

Okay, if you’re watching my videos on a mobile, there should be an arrow under the video on the right hand, side, just click on that arrow and the description box will open up and you will able to click the link and grab.

This drag and drop funnel builder software. Okay. Now this software allows you to build high converting landing pages, and the good news is that this software called boss funnel doesn’t charge you any monthly fee and it is very, very cheap and very, very affordable all right, so you could grab your Software well don’t don’t.

Do it now, do it after you finish watching this video? Okay, because then you’re, just gonna get distracted! Okay! So once you finish watching the video just click the link in the description below this video and you will able to grab this software okay, which is a drag and drop funnel builder.

But in this video i’m, going to show you how to create a lead magnet page using clickfunnels, because i’m. A big fan of clickfunnels. I’ll, be using clickfunnels over four years now doing it with boss runners.

I have videos on boss funders as well. If you want to watch a video on how to do with boss funnels, then you just scroll down – and you come to one of my video, which is called on my youtube channel clickbank for beginners training, drag and drop lead magnet funnel.

These are part series videos that i have broke down into chunks part. One part two part three, four part four and you could start watching it if you want to create a successful, clickbank business. Okay.

So in there i have gone through on how to create a landing page using this powerful tool called boss, funnels, which doesn’t charge you any monthly fee, all right. So let’s just head over to click funnels again.

So i’m gonna build a lead, magnet page using clickfunnels. You will need. A second thing you will need is an autoresponder account and i recommend aweber, because aweber comes with a free 30-day trial, plus the inbox delivery rate.

In my opinion, with aweber is extremely high. Okay, now aweber link is going to be in the description below box below this video as well make sure to check it out. So, first, what we’re going to do is i’m.

Going to show you how to set up your aweber account and then we’re, going to connect the dots between our lead, magnet, page and aweber. So let’s. Do this, when you join aweber, you’re, going to see a dashboard like this, come to manage list click on create a list all right, scroll down all right and down here you’re gonna have a professional domain name.

This is where your emails are gonna go out from okay, so do not have gmail or hotmail put a professional domain, so you want to buy your domain web address, which you could do from namecheap.com, okay and at the beginning, you want to put something like Support now i have a complete tutorial on my youtube channel for this as well on how to do all this.

If you go to my youtube channel once you finish watching this video okay, you’re gonna see a video where it says: domain registration and hosting for clickbank part one and part two all right watch that video that will explain everything how to Set this up? Okay, so you wan na have a professional domain like this, because the inbox delivery rate will be very very high once you do that, go to next step! Come here.

You wan na name your list. So i’m just going to put 12 minute affiliate. 2020. All right, i’m just going to put 0 0 0 here scroll down next step, scroll down a proof message and create a list. Okay, now keep watching the way.

I do this now before i go into my detail. Let me just talk about a bit of list building why this is very important. Okay, so look at this. This is one of my autoresponder accounts that has over 50 000, just about 51 000 active subscribers.

Just imagine there was a launch on clickbank and i wanted to promote it. I wanted to win the contest. I don’t have to go out there and build a brand new campaign. Okay, i could just write a quick five to ten minute email.

Press the send button that email goes out to all these subscribers and guess what overnight i will receive thousands and thousands of clicks and potential sales. This is the power of list building. The second reason you want to build a list is because you are promoting a clickbank offer now today, just say something happens to clickbank clickman goes down and you don’t have a list.

You are out of business. Okay, if you have a list, you don’t have to worry. If clickbank goes down, you ‘ Ve got other opportunities to promote. You could promote your own product. You could offer a coaching session a skype session.

Okay, there are people who are generating millions and millions of dollars online, doing less building and all the top gurus are making most of their money from their email list, especially on clickbank, okay, so list building is very, very important.

Now, in the beginning, as a clickbank beginner, you want to focus to continue to build your list until you hit at least 10 000 subscribers. In my opinion, 10 000. Subscribers is the magic number that’s when the money starts to rolling from all over the place, and then you will start having enough money to reinvest to take your list from 10, 000 to 15, 15 to 20, 20 to 25, 25 to 50.

50 to 100 000 subscribers and beyond the bigger list, you have the more potential you have to make money and get a lot of lot of traffic. Okay, so you have to make money and guess what this traffic is warm traffic.

You could also call it hot traffic and plus it is targeted traffic, because you’re building a list using a lead, magnet page that has a text right on the page talking about make money online after someone reading this, if they still enter their Email and share their email address with you that makes that person a very very hot customer and a targeted customer.

So most likely you’re gonna make sales okay, so that was very important. So let’s just set this up quickly. Okay, so we just built a list of 12 minute affiliate. 2020. Now what we need to do is go to list settings.

Okay, you want to go to confirmation messages you want to scroll down. You want to off this by clicking the button click on yes, scroll down and click on, save all settings now some of you guys are using get response for this purpose.

That’s, also fine as well. If you’re going to use, get response and you want to learn how to set up get response, i have a complete tutorial on get response as well and it’s called how to promote clickbank products using get response.

Okay part, one part, two video part, one part two video make sure you watch that video on my youtube channel, where i teach you how to set up get response. Okay, i recommend aweber for all my users, because i’m.

A big fan of avoba and i have had great great success with vapor okay, so once you have done this this settings, then what you need to do is go to the sign up, form right, scroll down. Let’s. Just get rid of this name: delete go to step two! I’m, just gonna put 12 minute affiliate here all right and then everything you want to leave it as it is, and just click on save your form.

Okay, now, if you’re gonna use a html page like this, okay and you’re gonna create a page like this or you’re, hiring someone to create a page for you, then. In that case, you’re gonna your thank you page will have your custom paid url.

So you’re, going to put a custom page and you’re, going to put your clickbank affiliate link here. Okay and then click on save your form, but in our case we’re using a third-party software called click funnels, which is a drag and drop funnel builder, so that’s.

Why we, don’t need to do this. We could just leave it as it is into basic version and click on save your phone. Okay. I hope that makes sense. Now, one more thing left, because we’re using a third-party software.

We don’t want double opt-in subscribers. We want single opt-in subscribers, so what we need to do is we need to go to the help section, and this needs to be done whenever you create a brand new list. Okay, so you’re going to scroll down and you can you see this live support option you’re going to click on live support? Okay, this window is going to open up you’re, going to put your name.

You’re gonna put your email, you’re gonna down. Here you’re gonna put turn off third-party confirmation api and then you’re gonna put your login details and start the chat and just tell them. Can i have created a list called the minute affiliate or whatever list you name it and just tell them.

Can you please turn off third party confirmation, api and most likely they should turn it off for you now. This is very, very important because if you don’t do this, then guess what you’re, going to get double opt-in subscribers, which means as soon as someone enters their email in this box.

They will not be added to your list immediately. They will have to confirm the subscription within the email. Now most people don’t. Do that? Okay, so you don’t want that you want them to be added to your list immediately.

So this is very important if you’re going to use aweber, you need to do this turn off. Third party confirmation: api. Okay! Now, if they don’t do it, because sometimes if you’re, just a beginner getting started for the first time, they want to see some interaction, and so, if they don’t, do it don & # 39? T worry just leave it to double opt-in.

Subscribers start driving some traffic to this up to, like 500 clicks to 1000 clicks. In that case, you will, you should get at least about 100 to 200 subscribers, okay, and once you get down until up to 100 200 subscribers, then you could let create a live, chat, support again and just tell them that.

Can you please turn off conservation? Api? Third party confirmation api for this, and when they see that you have built a list of 100 subscribers – and these are genuine subscribers – guess what what they’re going to do.

They’re, going to turn it off for you and then from there on. You will never have an issue after that. Whenever you create a brand new list, you just come to help create a live, chat, just support and just tell them to turn off third-party confirmation, api and guess what they will do it immediately for you, because you are a very you, are old customer and you Have some interaction in your aweber okay, now, by the way, if they don’t turn it off in the beginning as well.

There’s, nothing to put yourself down, because guess what double opt-in subscriber is basically means. You have a very, very responsive quality list. Okay, your open rate and your click through rate is gonna be extremely high because you have a double opt-in subscribers.

The only downside to this is that if you drive 1000 clicks and just say, you are gonna get 400 subscribers with a single obtain, because you have a double opt-in instead of getting 400 subscribers, you might just end up getting 150 subscribers or 200 subscribers.

Okay, you will lose out on those other 200 subscribers, because most people do not confirm their subscription when they go to their email address. Okay, so that’s, the only downside, but it’s only for one or two cup.

First couple of times you will have to do this once you get a bit of people in your list like about 200, 300, 400, perhaps even 500, plus and aweber sees that. Yes, you are a genuine person. You are building a list, then guess what you could just come back here create a live chat support and they will be more than happy to turn off the confirmation api for you on that list and guess what, from that day, you will be able to build A single opt-in, subscribers and start building a massive list.

So still you’re, not going in the downfall with a double opt-in subscribers. Basically, you’re gonna have a very, very high, responsive list, a quality list with a high open rate and a high click through rate, which means more money for you, okay, but you see people look at numbers and quantities so that’s why people prefer single opt-in subscriber because sometimes you might get a very top top buyer in your list who’s, not gonna confirm his opt-in and you just lost him because of a double locked in subscriber all right.

So this was very important to mention with a web okay, so once you have done that this is, and you need to do this whenever you create a brand new list all right. So if you come here, you can see that i ‘

Ve got so many lists down here. Look at this all these lists. So whenever you create a brand new list, just make sure you create a live, chat, support and tell them to turn off third-party confirmation api.

Once that’s done, then it’s, time to create messages. This is called the email follow-up sequences. These email goes out on your behalf on completely autopilot once a person enters his email into the landing page.

Okay. So before we do this all right. Okay, let’s, just create our email, first, okay! So what you need to do is to create emails. You’re, going to go to campaigns all right. You’re, going to click on, create a campaign.

You’re, going to click on, create a blank campaign. You’re, going to name your campaign, so i’m, going to put 12 minute affiliate now. Remember all the links to join click funnels to join the traffic sources and to join aweber, etc.

It’s, going to be in the description box below this video. Okay. If you’re watching my video on the desktop just scroll down, you will be able to see the description and all the links. If you’re watching my video on a mobile, then there should be an arrow below this video on the right hand, side, just click on that arrow and the description box will open up and you will able to get your trials with a weber.

Click funnels, etc. Okay, so what we’re going to do down here? We’re, going to click on on subscribe all right now what we’re going to do! We’re going to drag this here. Okay, then we’re going to drag the weight.

Then we’re going to drag, send messages again then we’re, going to drag weight. Okay, so send message, wait, send message, wait, send message. Wait! You’re gonna do that minimum seven times, okay, because we want a minimum seven day, email sequences, set and ready to go out to our subscribers whenever someone will enter the email here.

So let me explain what happens you’re, going to be driving traffic to a page similar to this? One people are going to put their email here. They’re, going to click on get access. Now they’re, going to be redirected to this clickbank offer 12-minute affiliate system.

Most people will not buy immediately because that’s, how the internet works, but you don’t have to worry because, as soon as someone puts their email into this a landing page, they’re gonna come and they’re gonna start receiving these autopilot emails on your behalf on your behalf, okay, so these are called autopilot money machine.

Now you want to have seven minimum seven-day email per product. Okay, i don’t, recommend going above that because then you’re. Just gonna annoy the subscriber. He’s, gonna get bored and guess what he’s, just gonna say what the heck! Why is he keep on sending me the same offer over and over again so seven day, email? If he’s, not purchasing write another seven day, email and test a new offer out? Okay, so we ‘

Ve got our seven day sequences here. What we’re gonna. Do we’re gonna click on the first message, so just click on it and then down here you’re gonna see the green box says, create a message we’re gonna create our first message.

This is not going to be our first email now. This has to be done before driving any traffic. If you don’t have email follow-ups, you’re, leaving thousands of dollars on the table now, because this video is for clickbank for beginners complete tutorial.

Okay as a clickbank beginner, i’m. Guessing you probably don’t, know what to write and that’s. True, no one knows what to write. Okay, if you’re, a clickbank beginner, it’s very simple, just head over back to clickbank, okay – and you can see here.

If you go to the 12 minute affiliate, they have this affiliate section, just click on it. This is called the jv page all right and if you scroll down, we could see this link here, affiliate links and swipes.

Okay. So, where’s, the swipe squad? Okay, you can see that he’s, giving so many things for you to promote his offer. It’s, a win-win! You make money, he makes money okay. So let’s. Just if i come here, it’s telling me to add my okay.

Let me just add my clickbank id here and let’s, see if that gives me what i want. Okay grab swipes here. Okay, now you could promote different kind of pages down here. He’s, got a pizza system, says video.

He’s, got grandma video as well. He’s, got on demand, auto webinar. So, whichever one you’re gonna promote just grab the swipes here and here’s, the swipes okay. So what you’re gonna? Do you’re gonna just gonna? Come here open the dock and you’re gonna copy and paste.

Now, in a moment, i’m gonna answer. One of the biggest questions i keep on getting so don’t worry about. I know what’s, probably coming into your head. I’m gonna answer that question. Okay, so email swipe one okay, so we’re just gonna take um this title subject: line copy that come back to our aweber autoresponder and paste it here all right and then come here and just click uh copy all this okay, so email! This is going to be your first email swipe.

Okay, so let me just paste it here: there you go now. You want to make this a bit more attractive, beautiful all right, so it instead of having these click back links down here, you want to put click here to get started, do not put clickbank urls all right, that is spam, and your emails will end up in The spam junk folder same here just get rid of this clipboard link and just go click here to get started all right and we’re gonna go to clickbank and we’re gonna go back here and where did we? We got this swipe right, so we’re gonna just copy this affiliate link.

This is our affiliate link. We’re, going to copy that and you can also get your clickbank affiliate link from clickbank.com as well. All right, just copy that, and you’re going to come here, highlight that click on this hyperlink come here paste it in here.

Okay, there you go so just hyperlink that as well paste. It here click on ok. Now you want to make this text a bit more beautiful, so you want to make it a bit bigger, so come here, make it bigger there.

You go all right and there okay, i don’t like bold, so let’s just turn this to normal text. All right! No! I don’t know for some reason. It’s, not allowing me if that happens, and what you need to do is when you take those swipes from here instead of um copy and pasting those swipes directly into aweber, you might want to paste it into a notepad first and then from The notepad copy and paste it into here, so you could change uh the font and you could change whether you want to keep it bold or you want to keep it normal okay.

So they say you get the idea. What i’m trying to say here, make sure you make it a bit more beautiful, okay, because not you just don’t want it like this. All right, so make it more attractive, liking your professional email.

Once that is done, then you’re gonna click on save and save and exit. Now let me answer that question. Thousands of people are using the same email. So how can i stand out that’s right, so you need to change this title of it.

Okay. Now, in my case, if i put a title, if you can order a pisa, you can make money with this all right. That is not an attractive title. I’m. Definitely sure. No one’s gonna open that instead, i’m gonna put something like wow one thousand dollar days with okay.

Let me just write first, okay, one thousand dollar days with clickbank is possible right. This is what i’m gonna put. If i, if you got this email with this title, would you open it? Okay, of course you would all right.

So this is it: you want to put a title that is congruent with your description, but at the same time it is a grabbing attention grabbing title. Okay, it has to grab people’s attention! Okay, if you just want a normal pizza.

Hey, do you want to make money hey? If you could order a pizza, then you could definitely do this. No one’s going to open those type of emails. Come on. I don’t open those emails. You know that what i’m talking about, so you want to have something that’s more congruent with your description.

At the same time, it’s, honest it’s, the truth and then, at the same time it’s grabbing people’s; attention saying yeah yeah! Of course i want to make money with clickbank. Show me: what is it? What is all about right? So you want to have something like that: okay, remember that once you have, that in place, go to save, save and exit okay, so we got our first email ready.

Now we’re gonna write. The second message, so there’s. The second message here this was the first one. Click on the second message again come to create a message: click on drag and drop email builder, and then you’re gonna go through the same thing.

Okay, you’re gonna go back to the email swipes here you could see here’s. Email swipe to here’s. The subject line just copy one of the subject line copy this whole thing paste it into your aweber autoresponder.

Once you are done, then you just want to click on, save and save and exit. So i’m just going to pull for demonstration. Okay, you don’t want to have it like this. You want to just copy and paste okay and then i’m just gonna leave it like this.

This is demonstration: okay, just click on save and exit, but in that case you’re gonna put an email here: proper email, craft, okay, once that done, save save and exit, and then you’re going to have your second message.

Second, email, okay, so let me explain what this weight means. Weight basically means that this email goes out immediately. Then this second email goes out. After one day, you could have two emails going out at the same day, if you want these two emails to go up at the same day, what you want to do is you want to click on this wait button and you see down here.

It says: wait. Just put it to zero, all right, just put it to zero, and there you go. These two email will go out on the same day, but i don’t recommend that you’re gonna have one email per day, so i’m gonna come back here.

I’m just gonna put it one day. You can even have it going after two days, so just put it to two days or three days: okay, so that’s, how you do it now! I ‘ Ve got two messages here when i’m gonna.

If i wan na get the third message ready, i’m just gonna get this send message, drag it right to the bottom. There you go and then get the wait, button and drag it again after the send message there you go and then i’m gonna write.

My third message just the same way i have done okay, so i hope this is making sense. You want to do that seven times for each product. Now you could have unlimited emails now as a clickbank beginner, because this training video is for clickbank for beginners as a clickbank beginner in the beginning.

Yes, there is a bit of uh work to do that. You have to create these emails out, okay and and then you have to like write these emails copy and paste or whether you write it yourself. But once you get this bowl rolling and you start driving some traffic and you got a couple of emails, then it becomes a cake and it becomes so easy.

You don’t have to keep on repeatedly writing those emails. You could just build a list with a copy and paste campaign. In fact, you could import your campaigns into another list as well, using aweber, okay, they give you a with a code and whenever you create a brand new list and just say you want to start driving traffic using ppc like facebook or google, and you don’t want to write all these emails all over again you don’t have to or the emails that you already have in one of your campaigns like 12 minute affiliates.

You could just copy the campaign code and paste it into your other list and guess what all those emails will load up automatically for you and ready to rock and roll that’s, so easy that’s. How easy it is! Okay! So it’s, just as a beginner.

It’s. Gon na be a bit of work that you need to do and i highly you could have unlimited emails in your campaign as well, but i recommend having minimum seven emails per product so for the first seven emails you’re gonna be promoting 12-Minute affiliate system for the next seven emails you’re gonna be promoting another product so right at least about 50 60.

70 80 emails have about six seven, eight different products in your email swipes. So you have a good amount of product that you’re promoting. So if you don’t make money with the 12-minute affiliate, you ‘

Ve got a chance to make money with another product, okay and then, at the same time, when you create a brand new list, you could just copy the campaign code, paste it and guess what you will all load up up for you and you won’t have to create all these new emails all over again.

Okay, so that’s. How easy it is once everything is done, and you’re ready to rock and roll with everything down here you ‘ Ve got all your messages: you’re gonna click on save and exit; okay, just click on save and exit for now.

Okay, and there you go down here – it’s gone into draft now. This is very, very important. You need to activate the campaign okay, but in this case it’s, not allowing me to activate the campaign because in the previous uh, if you saw me a couple of seconds ago, it told me to fix an issue and i didn’t click that fixing issue.

So let’s just go back and let me show you so you, don’t get confused. So if i click on save and exit watch, what happens? Okay, it’s, telling me to fix an issue okay, so there’s, something that i need to fix.

You can save your pro, but you cannot activate this company if you fix holy subscribe, cannot enter a post campaign. Okay, so i’m gonna click on fix issue all right, and what is the post campaign here’s? The post campaign, the post campaign, is that i haven’t created a message here.

Okay, so i need to create a message. I’m just going to remove this all right remove this, so i think this should work now. So let’s. Just go there! You go okay! Now i’m gonna activate this activate the campaign and there you go now.

What will happen is when anyone comes here, they put the email here they will start receiving these autopilot emails. Okay. Now this is very important. Make sure you activate the campaign if you don’t activate the campaign, then guess what your emails will not go out and if they tell you that you need to fix an issue, make sure you fix it immediately.

In my case, i had a blank message. You saw it. I, i dragged a third message and i didn’t create no emails inside, so that was a blank message: okay, so that’s, why i had to fix it. So i just got rid of it.

Okay, so let me show you something else: look at this create a campaign and guess what look at this import a campaign. Now, if you’re going to create a brand new list, once you have these emails set it up, you could just get the code from here all right, so i could just come back here sharing option on this and there you go.

This is going to be my code. I could copy this and when i create a brand new list, come here import a campaign put my code in here: okay and click on import, import and guess what it will import the entire campaign.

For me, i don’t have to create. I don’t have to write these emails all over again. Okay, so it’s, a done for you method once you get this bowl rolling, okay! So now let’s. Talk about the drag and drop funnel builder click funnels.

How do you create your funnel? So, first of all, we need to connect our aweber account with our uh clickfunnels account. So once you have joined click funnels from the links in the description below this video, if you’re going to use clip funnels, if you’re, not going to use click funnels, and you’re going to use this Software called boss furnace it’s very simple.

You just come to the autoresponder section: okay and you just click on aweber or get response forever using, and you will able to connect your aweber and get response. Okay, if you’re, not you know a fan of paying any kind of monthly subscription and you want to drag and drop funnel.

Building that i recommend getting boss funnels from the link in the description box below this video okay. So i’m using click funnels, so i’m, going to go to click funnels and i’m, going to show you what you need to do.

First of all, you’re going to head over, to this right hand, corner going to click on account settings you’re, going to scroll down. You’re, going to click on integration and you’re, going to click on, add new integration, and then you’re going to click on aweber and you’re, going to go through the steps.

So it’s, going to be your username, your password, and once you add everything, guess what your aweber account is talking to your clickfunnels account once that’s done you’re just going to come back to click funnels.

You’re going to head over to clickfunnels down here. You’re, going to click on funnels. Okay, you’re gonna click on add new okay and then you’re gonna click on create new funnel you’re gonna click on collect emails.

Choose you’re gonna name this. So i’m. Just gonna put something like 12 minute affiliate here for this demonstration purposes. I’m just going to click on build, follow all right. Now they’re, giving me two pages down here: one opt-in, page one.

Thank you page. I’m gonna get rid of the thank you page. So i’m gonna click on this cross button click on okay and look at this it’s. Giving me drag and drop done for you templates down here: email, opt-in, thank you page.

I could come to sales pages or so, if i click on sales pages, look all these sales pages. All done for me, drag and drop okay, webinar registration! Thank you! Broadcast room membership. Members, access members area sales, page product, launch order for one click, upsell, one click down, sell order, confirmation opt-in, so we just need to opt in.

So we’re, going to go back to email, opt-in and i’m, going to quickly find a quick page that i could use for this purpose. So i’m, going to use this one. Okay, okay, so i know what’s happened here. Let me just go back to funnels and and i will have to delete okay, so, okay, so here’s, the landing page.

Okay, we’re using clickfunnels and it’s very, very easy to set this landing page up. You just have to write a quick text down here. Okay and then you just need to connect your landing page. So you don’t, you just go to settings.

As you know, we have connected aweber with our clickfunnels account, so you just go to integration. I’m gonna just remove the integration from here and i’m gonna select the integration, the list that i just created right in front of your eyes.

If you could remember it, was the 12 minute affiliate. Okay, so you could see right at the top down here, the 12 minute affiliate 2020. So let’s. Just look for that list. Now, if you have been following the steps until now as a clickbank beginner, then this should show up okay.

So let’s just go here and let’s, see if you could find a list called the 12 minute affiliate there. You go 12 minute affiliate once that’s, done hover your mouse onto the page and click okay and then click on save okay.

Once you have clicked on save you’re, going to come back to settings and then you’re, going to go to seo metadata and you’re going to change this title. You’re, going to put something like how to make money, online, etc, and then the third step is going to be go to general, and in here you’re, going to put your clickbank affiliate link all right.

This is very, very important. Okay, so you’re just going to come back here and you could either copy this link here, oh by the way when you copy these links, make sure you replace the xxx with your clickbank username, okay, because if you don’t Do that you’re, not going to get the credit, so you’re just going to copy.

The link from here come back and paste it in here or just go to clickbank.com, okay, and let me show you how to do that. So let me just go back to clickbank.com all right, then you just want to go to the clickbank marketplace, going to go to e-business, e-marketing gonna scroll down and look for that offer, which is the 12-minute affiliate system.

Click on promote, put your clickbank username here. Put our id here so i’m gonna put leads, so i know that this sale came from lead copy. Okay, go back to your click, funnels account and just paste it all in here all right there you go hover your mouse onto the page and click.

So this goes away and then just click on save that’s. How easy this is! Okay! So let me go through this one more time so far as clickbank for beginners, we have covered two things number one: how to set up the autoresponder okay.

So this includes creating your list setting up your list for a a single opt-in, uh, creating your signup form, creating your messages by going to campaigns and then activating it. Okay and then we have covered how to create a landing page using click funnels, okay and then integrating click funnels with your autoresponder account.

Now, if you have any questions you get stuck, okay, you could always leave a comment. Let me know – and i will be more than happy to assist you now if you’re, not a big fan of paying monthly subscription for click funnels and you think, okay, i know i could afford it, but i don’t want To pay any monthly subscription is there any other way that i could build high converting landing pages without paying any monthly fee? Then the answer is yes, you could join boss finance.

Okay. There’s, going to be a link in the description below this video, and this is a tool where you could build high, converting landing pages without paying any monthly fee, and it is very, very cheap and affordable.

I highly recommend you get this by clicking the link in the description box below this video okay. You could also head over to this link here. Okay, if you just go to um, let me just type it here. So if you just go here, okay, let me just copy this.

Let me see if it’s, the right link! Okay. So if you’re watching my video on a mobile, then you should see uh arrow under the video on the right hand, side just click on that arrow and the description box will open up.

Okay, let me just make this a bit bigger. So, for any reason, if you can’t find the link below this video in the description, then, here’s, the website address just open up a new browser and type this website address hit enter and you will able to grab this Drag and drop funnel builder, which is called boss funnel, where you don’t, have to pay any monthly fee.

It’s very, very cheap and you will able to build high, converting funnels and integrated either with aweber or get response. Okay, they have all the trainings inside on how to do everything i have also.

I also have a tutorial on this on how to create landing pages using boss funnels in my part, series. Video clickbank for beginners training part one video okay, so you could watch it there as well. So third step.

Okay, now we need to start driving traffic to this page. Okay. So i’m just gonna get out from here. So the biggest question people get. How do i get traffic to this page? Okay, so you need to start driving some traffic to this page here all right.

So how do you get traffic?

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